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The Davis Museum (U.S.A., Wellesley, MA) has just opened the search for a Media Installation and Production Specialist, a position that combines technical installation for exhibitions and media production.


A link to the HR application is below, followed by the text of the job description.

Media Installation and Production Specialist

The Davis Museum seeks a technology professional to manage public facing media-based initiatives (including installations and productions) as well as internal systems and infrastructure. The Media Installation and Production Specialist is a full time exempt position that reports to the Associate Director of Operations and Collection Management and will be responsible for: 1) managing equipment and installation of media-based exhibitions by working closely with curatorial and exhibitions staff, outside services, and contractors; 2) leading the production or coordination of multimedia content in support of Museum programs; 3) creating a vision and strategy for technology resources and projects, that defines how technology supports public presentations and internal operations and ensures that systems operate efficiently and effectively; and 4) serving as a liaison to campus LTS functions and participating in development of infrastructure (including collections management and asset management systems) for the Museum.

For exhibition equipment and installation, this position will be responsible for: researching and planning equipment and technical layouts for exhibitions; developing equipment budgets; installing and repairing equipment for exhibitions and special events, including the daily set up, operation, and maintenance of audio visual related equipment; and coordinating operation of gallery technology with security and students. This position will be responsible for maintaining the equipment inventory and proper documentation of all systems, including equipment lists, wiring diagrams, location and status, directory of IP address assignments and maintenance records. The position will lead the development and production of technical components and materials within exhibitions and instruct other technicians in the set up and operation of multimedia equipment. The position will recommend purchases for equipment, shop stock, and supplies as required.

In support of Museum programs, this position will be responsible for the production of media-based content to be used in galleries and distributed through the web and social media. The position will serve as a resource for the development of multimedia programs, including all aspects of planning, recording (audio and video), editing, and post processing, or coordinating production with services and contractors outside the Museum. The position will evaluate, maintain, and upgrade production equipment and software as required for supporting the production of media content. The position will also develop, maintain, and publish policies, procedures and standards for media production and assess/measure the impact of media productions.

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