Calls for Papers: Feast as a Mirror of Social and Cultural Changes

Calls for Papers

Conference: Feast as a Mirror of Social and Cultural Changes

Kraków (Poland)
28-30 September 2017
Papers are welcomed that deal with any of the following themes:

  • integrating (socialisation of an individual) and/or disintegrating aspect of the feast;
  • feast as a platform for cultural self-identification;
  • feast as a mechanism for the transmission of cultural traditions;
  • public display, (re)validation and renewal of values essential for people feasting;
  • secularisation of feasts;
  • fragmentation and re-semantisation of feasts;
  • replacing old feasts with new ones;
  • economic aspect of the feast – feasts as commercially exploited festivities;
  • role of the feast in the dynamics of social and cultural life;
  • place, space and practice, and their interconnection with life and governance;
  • artistic aspect of the feast;
  • feast as an instrument used in local, regional or national policy;
  • feast as leisure time associated with recreation, games and fun;
  • feast as a temporary suspension of social order;
  • feast as an occasion for manifesting the roles played in a society on a daily basis;
  • feast as an event evoking emotional tensions of various kinds;
  • feast as an occasion for a group reconciliation, expiation and compensation;
  • relationship between the feast and tourism;
  • the role of mass media in feasting;
  • any other topic related to the main theme of the conference.

CFP: https://feastconference2017.

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